Profitable You

Become the best version of yourself
while growing your profitable business


Have you been working in your business and are you fed up with working long hours for peanuts?
Are you at a point  that you want to level up and focus on working on your business and growing it proftably?

I can help you reach your goals as we implement strategy, mindset, systems and money management into your business.


Recognize this?

You are not getting paid enough for what you do

You need focus in your biz

You have 1000s of ideas and want to realise them all

You have more then enough revenue, but in the end there’s no profit

You break out in hives or red spots when you have to read financial statements

You are still working 60+ hours a week in your business

You are still trying to find your ideal costumer


Remember Why You Started

Do you want to

Create a profitable biz

Pay yourself a good salary every month

Show yourself as the expert that you are

Work with a plan to achieve your ambitioous goals

Make financials choices that benefit your business

Create a biz that works for you instead of the other way around

Develop SOP’s to grow your team


With the services I offer you can create your ideal and profitable business; either working 1-on-1 or in a group program.
All programs are currently offered online.

Money Magnet Mastermind

You are ambitious and want to take your biz to the next level. Your plan for 2021 and beyond has already been created and you want to make sure that you will reach your goals.
You want to work on your goals with like-minded women, cut the clutter in your head and focus on growth.

12 week Online Group Coaching incl. 2 Private (Online) Coaching Calls. 

New round starts January 2021

Money Mess to Business Flow Program

In 6 months you will transform your business from money mess to flow. You will feel at ease and focused while growing your biz. We will work on every part of your business, put the right systems to work, set up SOPs, work on optimizing your profitability all while you earn a more than decent income for the work that you do.

1-on-1 Program, only 3 spots open in February

Open for intake calls

Biz Intensive

You keep running into several roadblock in your business that you want solved. Whether it has to do with profitability, creating more free time, using systems and SOPs, pricing your services, your mindset or other areas. You are looking for someone who will help you get answers and solutions that work for you! But who will  also empower you to go the extra mile to create the company you want of reach the goals that you have.

1-on-1 Intensive

Only 4 spots available for February

About Bianca van der Zwet

Bianca has been working as a Bookkeeper and Dutch Tax Consultant since 2009 and started also working as a business and money coach in 2016.

She has seen businesses change and going online more and more. One big struggle always seems to remain; “How Am I Going to Pay My Taxes and My Salary”

In her eyes this needs to change!!

With the experience Bianca gained in her work she found that she loves helping ambitious, multifocused and expert female entrepreneurs becoming more money-wise and creating a profitable business.

She helps you gain focus and create a business that can be (partly) automated or outsourced so you can work on your business, have more free-time or spend time with your family. All while earning a good income.

Bianca is very analytical and will help you create your profitable business, but she will also look at you; the person you are and the person you can become.

Her motto:
Every woman can create a profitable business and become financially indepedent, even achieve financially freedom.’


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