Money Magnets Mastermind

An exclusive 12 week online program with coaching, action planning, support and an uplifting community to reach your goals and grow your business profitably

A year from now you wish you had started today

Karen Lamb

Sounds familiar?


You did not even reach half your goals in 2020


You feel like running around in a maze with no end


You have 100s or even 1000s of ideas but do not know where to start


You miss contact with other inspirational people


You feel like people close to you do not understand your ambitions


You feel paralized due to internal and external circumstances

Do you want to


Start 2021 high in energy


Work with laserfocus on your business


Finally create your unique offers


Grow your business profitably


Have an actionable plan to reach your goals


Realise your dreams


Grow your income while doing what your love


Be part of a group of likeminded business owners


Create a business that works for you

Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek

Mario Andretti

What to expect


You are not on your own!
Together with me and a group of highly motivated womxn you will work on reaching your goals, step by step!

You will receive group and personal coaching

Online Mastermind

As this 12 week program is online you can participate from anywhere in  the world; as long as you have a laptop, a camera and an internet connection.


Only with action comes results with which you and your company will grow.

Sheets and workbooks will be provided to make it easier for you to take the right steps to achieve your goals.



Is a major part of this Mastermind. Only when you stay true to your plans and goals ánd to achieving your milestones you will stay focussed and high in energy.


With the plan you made in the first session you’ve written down what is most important for you to achieve.

And with your connection to the group you will feel inspired to keep focus of your goal(s).

Bianca knows how to make a dull subject interesting. She will connect with you and take her time to help you.


Trauma & Loss Coach

With the insights gained from working with Bianca I finally feel like a business owner.  I became the CEO of my business.


DISC & HR trainer

The details

  • 12 week Mastermind (January 11th to March 29th)
  • Kick-off Session on January 11th, 2021 to create YOUR plan for the next 11 weeks (4:00pm CET, 10:00am EST, 7:00am PST)
  • 11 weeks of online group coaching on Monday (4:00pm CET, 10:00am EST, 7:00am PST) starting January 18th, 2021
  • 2 personal coaching sessions (30 min.) during this Mastermind
  • You will get worksheets specifially designed to help you accomplish your goals and dreams
  • This group will be all about accountability, masterminding, support, connection and growth
  • You will get access to a community of likeminded, ambitious, inspiring, caring and supporting female entrepreneurs
  • We will not only focus on working smarter and achieving a profit, but also on having and creating FUN in our businesses

About Bianca

With over more than 14 years of experience as a bookkeeper and tax consultant Bianca noticed a shift in the needs of her clients. Eventhough they still need support for their books and their tax submissions a more important question came up.

They wanted to be more in control in and of their business. Goals needed to be accomplished and money needed to be made.

Over three years ago (at the end of 2017) Bianca decided to start coaching her multi-passionate clients on understanding their numbers, managing their money and creating a succesfull business without stress and choas.

And it is not just about coaching clients but Bianca really builts a relationshiop with you. So she can understand and help you even better.

Bianca really is an example of ‘walking the talk’. After a year filled with hardships (a house fire, the loss of a close relative and the struggles due to Covid-19) she still managed to grow her business with more profit. And she loves teaching you to do the same!

Focus on your goals, not your fear. 
Focus like a laser beam on your goals.

Roy T. Bennet

Monthly Payment Plan

3 payments of
$233 (excl. VAT)


Frequently Asked Questions

How many calls are there each month?

There is a call every monday for 12 weeks. In the first Quarter of 2021 you will get 13 calls.

All calls will last 1.5- 2 hours depending on the size of the group.

The first call will be 2-3 hours as we will be making our 12 week plan that day.

How long is this Mastermind?

It will run for 3 months. (2021 Q1: 13 weeks)

At what time are the calls?

All calls will be at 4:00pm CET (10:00am EST, 7:00am PST)

I can not be present at the first call.

I know the call is early on in January, but in this call you will work on your own 12 week plan. You will look  at your dreams, wishes and goals en choose the most important ones to focus on for the next 12 weeks.

Everything you do during this Mastermind will be extracted from your plan.

I am not available at the time of the calls

I know that is a possibility, but in order to reach your goals it really is needed to be present at the call. Only then we can keep you accountable on your progress in your plan.

The Mastermind Part will be immediately after the Accountability Check-In. During this part you can get feedback on your ideas, get coachied by me and connect with and help others in this group. And even just listening to what is happening in the group will help you tremendously.

I will not be able to make all of the calls

I know that life sometimes gets in the way of what we want to do. But to really achieve your goals and grow you business you have to change the way you do things. That might even be making yourself and your business a priority to create the focus, action and momentum you need to grow!

When you know upfront that you will miss more than 3 calls you might want to reconsider joining as this will affect the group’s energy and connection. The next round might be a better fit.

How do I book my personal coaching call?

You will recieve an e-mail with a link to book a coaching call. 

Who is this for?

This Mastermind is for service-based, ambitious and multi-passionate entrepreneurs who want to change their business. But most of all entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, create new offers, launch their offers, change their mindset and get paid for doing what they love.

To give you an idea: some of my clients are coaches, webdesigners, writers, virtual assistents, IT managers and event managers/speakers, but this Mastermind is suited for more professions.

What are your Office Hours?

This will be on the last Thursday of  the month at 4:00pm CET.

Can you guarantee results?

Eventhough I fully stand what I offer you in this Mastermind; I can not guarantee results. I am 100% committed to providing you with the support, tools and guidance you need to help you reach your goals and grow you business in a way that fits you. During the program you will be coached in the group and personally, but everyone has their own goals & strengths, doubts & fears. This combined with your own timeline and whether or not you put in the work makes it impossible to guarantee results in a specific amount of time.

I still have a question

I have tried to answer the most common questions above, but if you still have a question please send an email to hello [at]

And I will answer your question as quickly as possible.

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